Presentation of railway transport operators

CFR Călători is a state-owned Romanian rail passenger transport company, established in 1998, by reorganizing the former CFR. CFR Călători receives more than one billion lei from the state budget annually in order to ensure the railway passenger transport activity.

Interregional Călători is a Romanian railway company. The company was established in June 2001 and is the only private company in Transylvania that owns train seals and provides rail passenger transport.

Softrans is a private railway operator, founded in 2002, based in Craiova, Romania. The company operates two Hyperion electric frames. The company is owned by the Softronic rolling stock manufacturer. The entire rolling stock of the company is produced by the parent company. Routes to Braşov and Constanţa are served by Hyperion units and the route to Motru is provided with 21-47 wagons.

Transferoviar Călători (T.F.C.) is a privately owned railway operator whose main activity is to carry out the public transport of passengers by rail in domestic and international traffic. T.F.C. (Galati – Barlad, Buzau – Nehoiasu, Slanic – Ploiesti Sud, Titan Sud – Oltenita, Ploiesti Sud – Maneciu, Ploiesti Sud – Targoviste, Targoviste – Pietrosita) and the Interoperable Infrastructure – Galati, Bucharest North – Ploiesti South – Buzau, Cluj Napoca – Oradea).

ASTRA TRANS CARPATIC SRL is a railway operator with private capital, established in 2014, has as main activity the railway transport of passengers with saloon, sleeping cars and couchette wagons.

Currently, ASTRA TRANS CARPATIC SRL provides the railway transport of passengers on Bucharest North – Craiova – Timişoara – Arad route and return, Bucharest Nord – Braşov and return, and during the summer season it will also travel on Arad – Timişoara – Craiova – Bucharest – Constanţa and return.

Through a service improvement policy ASTRA TRANS CARPATIC SRL will satisfy as much as possible the expectations of the passengers, by increasing the quality of the train journey, in line with the evolution of the modern world.

REGIO CĂLĂTORI SRL  is a railway operator with private capital, established in 2016 and has as main activity railway passenger transport. REGIO CĂLĂTORI SRL presents itself as the largest private rail passenger and rail passenger transport operator from Braşov to Bucharest, Arad, Timişoara and Iaşi. 



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