Performance indicators in rail passenger transport

By adopting the Governmental Decision no. 1311/2021 on the approval of public service contracts for the period January 1, 2022 – December 10, 2022, in rail public passenger transport in Romania was introduced a system of Reward/Penalty based on the fulfillment/non-fulfillment of a series of performance indicators, both quantitative, as well as qualitative.

The basic principles of the Reward/Penalty system are:

– the maximum positive value of the award is 3% of the eligible expenses established at the signing of the Contract, in order to respect the maximum legal profit of 3%;

– the maximum negative value of the penalties is 3% of the eligible expenses established at the signing of the Contract, in order not to negatively affect the quality of the compulsory services;

– the positive or negative effect of the Reward/Penalty system will be taken into account when calculating the final compensation.

The quantitative indicator refers to the ratio of scheduled and completed trains. This ratio is quantified as total train-km (train-km performed/train-km programmed * 100).

Qualitative indicators are:

– punctuality at destination PD – share of minutes related to trains delayed due to rail transport operators compared to the total number of trains running in minutes compared to the booklet;

– occupancy rate OR – passengers-km/places-km offered for sale; the reference occupancy rate (planned OR) is the one according to the achievements of 2021, for each operator;

– cancellations of trains CT, compared to the booklet, except for those canceled by CNCF CFR SA;

– the availability of rolling stock ARS, for the fulfillment of the public service obligation, compared to the one declared at the signing of the public service contracts.

All indicators are separated on the two running train ranks – Regio (R) and Interregio (IR).

Mandatory minimum revenues are also provided in the public service contracts.

The calculation method of the Reward/Penalty system is detailed in Annex 1 of each contract concluded with the six rail passenger transport operators in Romania.

Autoritatea pentru Reformă Feroviară

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