List of documents issued/managed

Notes,  elaborated and sent documents (correspondence)
Correspondence delivery and receipt logs
Input-output records
Presentation and reasoning/substantion tools, draft normative acts
Petitions and petition responses
Correspondence with other institutions
Internal mailing notes
Decisions of the RRA President
Views, opinions
Individual responsabilities
Individual evaluation charts for staff activity
Attendence registers
Delivery-receipt protocols
Financial-accounting documents according to the legislation in force
The RRA Annual Budget Project
Approved annual budget of RRA by funding sources, structure of budget ratings and programs
Balance sheet (annual budget implementation) and related annexes
Updates to inventory of goods
Report on preventive financial control activity
Manuals, methodologies, reports
Inventory sheets
Call notes
Public procurement documentation
Purchase reports
Registry of normative acts
Travel orders
Employees’ professional records
The description of the workbooks
Retirement files
Press releases, information, details, replies
Administrative acts of an individual nature
Individual work contracts
Archival documents

Autoritatea pentru Reformă Feroviară

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